Our Beautiful Girls


TDD Radiant Rylan a Dream Come True at HSMD's MS

Solid Black Dapple


12.10 lbs

PRA: Negative

AKC Registered

Rylan is a gorgeous non pointed dapple.  She just loves her toys too!  Rylan is always carrying a stuffed toy in her mouth most times you see her.  She is such a sweet, snugly girl and she just loves everyone!  Rylan is also a little mischievous too!



HSMD Heartfelt Paisley Cashmere ML

Shaded Cream Dapple

Long Hair

14 lbs

PRA: Carrier

AKC Registered

We have added creams to our program!  Paisley has to be one of the most beautiful girls ever!  She will give us our beautiful long hair cream puppies!  Paisley is a typical cream and is so laid back.  She does not have much energy for things and spends most her day laid out on the floor sleeping on her back!  She is something else!  We are over the moon excited for these future babies!!!!



HSMD Bridget the Strong Hearted 

Chocolate Based Red Dapple

Smooth Hair

12.12 lbs

PRA: Negative

CKC Registered

We really wanted to add a smooth red to our program to keep the traditional colors going.  Bridget is absolutely beautiful!!  She is a perfect addition to our family and program!  She is super sweet and has a very submissive personality.  She loves the water and the great outdoors.  She is also  super content to be snuggled up next to you.  She has the best personality of both worlds!



HSMD Journey To Our Hearts ML

Black & Tan Dapple

Long Hair

14.5 lbs

PRA: Clear

Journee is our first puppy that we have ever held back from our own program/lines and we could not be any more thrilled with her!  Journee's momma is our Emma, who will now be retiring and living her life her being bossy and spoiled like usual.  She was our very first dachshund and sent us head over heals for this breed!  Emma and our Tucker also had our very first litter that started our journey here at Heart & Soul Mini Doxies.  Her little Journee will now continue on Emma's journey for us!   Journee could not be anymore perfect either!  The wait was so well worth it!  Can't wait to see the next generation of Emma's lines with our little sweetheart!


 DWA Lyrics Written From The Heart at HSMD MS

Red Dapple Piebald

Smooth Hair

7.11 lbs

PRA: Clear

AKC Registered

Lyric came from Dogwood Acres in South Carolina.  She is a beautiful little girl with some spunk in her step! She is full of personality.  I am very partial to piebalds and fell in love with her the day she was born.  I had to have her!  Lyric carries for chocolate and cream and will have some gorgeous babies here one day!  She will be our last new addition for a few years. The addiction is REAL! lol


Our Tru is one special little girl!  Her Mama is the daughter of our past wire haired girl Lucy and Tucker.  So she is our 3rd generation!  Tru is a feisty, spunky, sassy little girl who is so full of herself for a 10 week old puppy!  She is so stinky cute you could just eat her tiny self up!  Tru will likely stay mini sized when full grown.  She is really the life of the party here and everyone who meets her will just fall in love!


 Sarah's Darlin' True of Heart at HSMD MS

Isabella & Tan Dapple

Smooth Hair

PRA: Clear

AKC Registered



 HSMD River Flows to the Heart ML

Chocolate Dapple Piebald

Long Hair

AKC Registered

We have been waiting to hold back a Tucker baby before we retire him and this little beauty was everything we've been wanting!  We need more chocolates in our program and she's the perfect addition. River's non pointed, like her mom Rylan, which means she can produce puppies too with no tan points!  Our 10 year old son was anticipating her arrival and already had her name "River" picked because there are lots of rivers where we live in Lexington, VA.  We can't wait to watch our River grow and change.  


 TDD Heart of Gold Fair Maiden Ella at HSMD ML

Chocolate Based ee Cream

Long Hair

AKC Registered

Look at that face!  Miss Ella could not be anymore beautiful!!  2020 was an extremely hard year for a lot of us!  In which,  my family lost a dear loved one, my Grandma.  Her name was Eleanor,  so I felt it fitting to name or sweet girl Ella, short for Eleanor in honor of my Grandmother.  She is coming to us from an amazing breeder!  The same breeder we also got our Rylan and Lyric from.  I am dearly blessed that she entrusts me with her amazing lines and for that we are extremely grateful! We want to add more chocolate and creams into our lines and litters, so our next generation of amazingly beautiful girls are going to hopefully help us do this.  



Surprise!! You know the saying "go big or go home?" or "Dachshunds are like potato chips, you just can't have one!" Well we decided to get 2 amazing girls from the same litter!  Both Ella and Jaci are littermates and we couldn't resist them!  First time we ever got 2 at the same time but it melts my heart to know they will get to be together and hopefully be best of friends for life!  Also I have a bad soft spot for chocolates........can you tell?? lol  Sweet Jaci appears to be on the wilder side then her sister Ella who is more laid back in nature.  We are so looking forward to adding these 2 girls to our family and program and can't wait for what our future holds with them.



 TDD Jaci with a Beautiful Heart at HSMD ML

Chocolate Based Cream Dapple

Long Hair

AKC Registered

Nevaeh is from our Journee's first litter.  This litter was extremely hard on our hearts since we lost 3 of the puppies and almost Nevaeh as well.  She is a miracle baby for sure!  I saved her from death and brought her back to life after working on her for close to an hour doing CPR and mouth to mouth.  I gave her oxygen and a heating pad till she eventually started showing signs of life. She is truly a blessing and our gift from Heaven; which is her name spelled backwards.  Nevaeh in Hebrew means "Life" which was given to her. Her name could not be anymore fitting and we couldn't be more blessed to have her apart of our family!  I have saved a many of puppies but this girl doesn't even compare to those situations.  She has a special place in our hearts and we couldn't let her go anywhere else but here.  Nevaeh is our 3rd generation since her Grandmother Emma is our very first Dachshund we had and used to start our program.  Nevaeh's mom our Journee, is Emma's daughter.  



HSMD Nevaeh's Heart of an Angel ML  

ee Cream 

Long Hair


HSMD Callie of my Heart ML
Black & Tan Dapple 
Long Hair

We just love Journee and Bennet's babies so much we had to keep back our Callie from them!  She is the same color and pattern as her mom just more silver in her coat.  These lines are super special to us as well since Journee's mom Emma, was our very first Dachshund and started it all for us.  Nevaeh and Callie are her grandbabies and we will be able to carry on these lines for hopefully generations to come!  Can't wait to watch this little one grow and blossom into a beautiful girl!  We already love her to bits!