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Just a little about us...




It all started with being an animal lover at heart!  I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Coming out of High School I knew I wanted to work with animals.  Every work related option just had a closed door to it. I could not come to a decision as to what would truly be my passion.  I went into College and got my diploma for Early Childhood Education. Children have also been a joy to me! 


Right after graduating from the ECE program in 1999 I met the love of my life on yes, Yahoo chat!  Back when there was no web cams and only snail mail existed.  He was from Virginia and was in the Army National Guard.  Two months after chatting online and phone, he made the trip up to Canada to finally meet me face to face for the first time.  It was still love at first sight! 


Long story short, we got married 4 months after that and I moved to Virginia to start our life together since he was Military.  It has been 17 years we have been married and we have 2 beautiful children together.  With him being gone a lot with work and being a stay at home mother to our children my life has been devoted to my family all these years.  I have been happy don’t get me wrong but something was still missing for me.  I had no passion in my life for myself. 


Animals always were a real passion. As time went on we developed a love for camping and purchased a camper for our family to go on camping trips together.We decided we were ready for another dog but wanted a small breed dog that was more “portable” and could travel with us easier.  After researching different breeds we kept going back to the Dachshund since it had all the characteristics we wanted in a dog.  


This is how we ended up with our little Miss Emma!  She has brought nothing but joy in our lives and has the most sweet loving, and comical personality!  She won me over from day one and I knew this breed was something special.  I felt the passion for this breed like no other pet I have had, and wanted to learn as much as possible about it.  After doing some more research I just wanted to play a part in it.  So off to hubby I went!  How can you just have one??  I expressed my desire to start a breeding program.  After all these years living in the States I think I finally found my life long passion!  He was hesitant but I finally got him to cave and this is how we got our “Little Tommy Tucker IV”. 


He is a gentle sweet souled dog. A soft cuddly teddy bear that wants nothing more than to be loved and snuggled!  Our next girl was Sophie. She is now retired but had us some of the most beautiful puppies!  She is so lovable and is content being on your lap or to be on a total strangers lap! From her things have just taken off and we have beautiful and amazing girls and another handsome boy named Myles!  You can see and read more about them under the "Our Girls" and "Our Boys" pages on this site!  These dogs bring so much joy to my life that I feel strong enough to want to play apart in bettering the breed.  I am extremely excited about this journey and I am so excited to finally have my hearts passion filled.  They have my heart and soul and they give me all of theirs each time they look at me!


With the joy this lovely breed has given to me, I would love to be able to give other people the experience of it as well through one of our beautiful puppies! We look forward to seeing what the future holds at Heart & Soul Mini Doxies!! 

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My heart, & my soul!

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