Our 2022 Planned Breedings

 *I have the right to FIRST pick of all upcoming litters! These pairings are not written in stone and could CHANGE at any time!*​

Waitlist Deposits:

1. Us - Any

2. Angie R - Any LH

3. Trudy J. - Any

4. Keri H. - Female 

5. Lisa M. - LH Dapple

6. Trish C. - Any

7. Rachelle G. - Male

8. Valerie B. - Female

9. Sharon H. - Female

10. Caroline P. - LH Male

11. Leslie H. - LH Female

12. Kelly H. - SM Female

13. Tiffany C. - Smooth Male

14. Maria B. - Any

15. Julia M. - LH Male

16. Patti C. - Dapple

17. Selena P. - Dapple Female

18. Toni M. - Long Male

19. Kelly G. - Female

20. Cherie A. - LH Male

21. Sabrina W. - Any

22. Jessica P. - Smooth Male

23. Chelsea L. - Long

24. James D. - Any

25. Travis B. - Male

26. Kayla H. - Dapple

27. Betsy M.- Female

28. Chelsea L. - Any

29. Debra H. - Long Dapple Female

30. Claire S. - Male

31. Corrine D. - Male

32. Sarah G. - Cream Female

33. Virginia Z. - Female Dapple

34. Courtney P. - Female

35. Leslie M. - Any

36. Yvonne H. - Piebald

37. Terri W. - Smooth

38. Michael W. - Smooth

39. Stacey O. - Male

40. Stacey O. - Any

41. Brianna G. - Female

42. Widalys L. - Any

43. Crystal S.- Female

44. Connie D. - Piebald, Dapple Piebald Male

45. Wayne P. - Any Long Hair

46. Kimberly T. - Dapple/Any

47.  Kaitlin M. - Dapple Long

307042804_479827033811789_2448784925832205610_n (1).jpg

Nevaeh &  Ollie
 Our beautiful Nevaeh is expecting the beginning of October!  This will be Nevaeh's very first litter!  She is the daughter to our Journee & Bennet.  We will be using an outside stud Ollie who is from a very good friend of mine. We are super excited to see their babies!  These babies will also be into the Tweenie/Standard range when full grown.  

Colors in this pairing could include: Chocolate & Cream, Black & Cream, ee cream and Cream.  Patterns in these colors could include Solid and Dapple in all long hair.

Paisley & Bennet
   Our Paisley is currently in heat.  They have the most gorgeous cream and cream pointed long hair babies!  We are beyond excited for this pairing again!  We will be expecting these babies to be about 12-16 lbs full grown so in the tweenie/standard category.  

Colors in this pairing could include: Chocolate & Cream, Black & Cream,  ee Cream and Cream.  Patterns in these colors could include Solid, Dapple in all long hair.
DSC06057_edited (1).jpg

Rylan &  Briggs
Our Rylan is currently in heat.! We decided to breed her to Briggs to hopefully have some more amazing non pointed babies!  We can expect both long and smooth puppies.  They will like be in the Tweenie range when full grown.  Rylan babies have always been one of our favorites, so we are excited to see this litter. 


Colors in this pairing could include: Chocolate & Tan, Black & Tan cream and ee Red.  Patterns in these colors could include Solid, Dapple, Piebald, Dapple Piebald and Brindle in both long and smooth hair.

Callie & Tripp
   Callie is one beautiful girl!  She is from our Journee and Bennet!  We expect Callie to go into heat around September.  This will be our Callie's very first litter if all goes well.  They both carry for cream so we can have a variety with this pairing in all smooth coats.  These babies will be likely Tweenie to Standard when full grown.  

Colors in this pairing could include: Chocolate & Cream, Black & Cream,  ee Cream, Cream, Chocolate & Tan, Black & Tan, ee Red. Patterns in these colors could include Solid, Dapple and Brindle in all smooth hair.

River & Briggs
 Our precious River is in heat!  This will be her very first litter. This will be also be one of Briggs first litters!  Their babies will be all long haired  and will likely be in the mini/tweenie size when full grown.   We can also expect solids that are non-pointed  such as Briggs and puppies with tan points.

Colors in this pairing could include: Solid Chocolate, Solid Black, Chocolate & Tan, Black & Tan, and possibly dilute (Blue and Isabella).  Patterns in this pairing could include Solid, Dapple, Piebald, Dapple Piebald and Brindle in longhair.